Vigil 2017

Issue 1

Last year, the Vigil team finished off the CISSMUN conference with a big success. Issue 1 started off the conference with the theme of “culture,” traveling from country to country with each different article: the Vigil shared personal stories from people reacquainting their times in the Honduras, in China, or in Myanmar: showcasing unique and vibrant perspectives around the world but also the societal conflicts that are present within these cultures.

VIGIL 2017


Issue 2 was published without a hitch. Filled with photos and reports of the conference, Issue 2 was able to really capture the conference; the daily reports ecpspecially were fun anecdotes to the quirks in each of the committees during the conference. However, Issue 2 continued to explore different current global issues: our article “Lost in the Noise,” was a must read in Issue 2, speaking about the refugee situation different countries across the world, and a second article about Myanmar tackled the country's lacking education system.

VIGIL 2017

Issue 3

The 3rd Issue once again did not disappoint. “People’s Republic of Pollution,” compared the perspectives of an insider and outside of China on the pollution levels in the country, and the Myanmar trilogy ended with an article looking at the negligence of healthcare in the country. The Issue gave a little breathing space in the form of very nicely dressed delegates in the “CISSMUN Rouge," before delving in once again with “Talking with Turkey.” At the end of Issue 3, the Vigil urges its readers to “be the voice of power and purpose."