Teacher Workshops


There are 2 workshop sessions at GINAsia 2018, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Teacher advisors will want to support their students and attend the session that their own students lead. For the other session (or for both sessions if a teacher does not have students leading a workshop), we have designed some wonderful workshops for you to choose from. Pick from the options below. three will be offered on Saturday and three will be offered on Sunday. 

Gede Roby.jpg

Journey of Song with Gede Robi

The basis of this workshop is an introduction to the history of song as a way to carry a human rights message. Learn about the chain gangs of the peace movement to more contemporary songs of disenchantment and protest. Robi will also share about his own work creating songs with a powerful message, particularly in relation to recent work he has done with primary and high school students in Australia. He will also collaborate with workshop participants about ideas to create songs relevant to issues of personal importance in relation to being a changemaker. This workshop is open to teachers and students.

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GIN Educator Toolbox with Justin Bedard

Join one of our keynote speakers, Justin Bedard of the Jump! Foundation, to learn about practical tools and resource for mentoring, coaching and empowering GIN Students and GIN Action Groups. Come away fro this workshop with a toolkit of ideas and strategies to grow your school's GIN program. 

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Who's Planet are we saving?Exploring the language of  global issues education with Kayti Denham


As more schools advance integrated environmental education curriculum into mainstream classrooms, how does our use of visual stimulation and target language contribute to essential components of success? Kayti Denham is a co-founder of GINBali, she holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics and has been involved in global issues education since 2004.

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How Service Educators Help Students Learn


with Martha Began

Ever wonder how teachers become masters at facilitating students' learning through service projects? What are the characteristics and practices of effective international school service educators? This workshop will address the qualities of effective global citizenship educators. Indicators will be provided for faculty and administrators in their work to support teachers' service facilitation as an approach to teaching and learning cognitive and affective skills.

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Bystander Intervention techniques


with Angela Catherine Kilbane

I'm the Jakarta chapter leader of Hollaback. Hollaback is an international movement powered by local activists to end harassment in public spaces. I am a certified trainer by Hollaback and Green Dot. While my training was specifically about street and public harassment, the material is adaptable for a school setting (as the material originally created by Green Dot is about bullying). My hope would be that teachers attending this workshop would be able to then also train their students and community members about ways to safely intervene.  https://jakarta.ihollaback.org/bystander-intervention/ 


A Media Blueprint To  Create Change with Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz

Inspired by public service media like National Public Radio, Futures Public Radio (FPR) is a student-led, community journalism platform at the International School of Beijing. In this workshop, participants will actively engage with the FPR site and walk away with tools for teaching investigative journalism and meaningful podcasting. Lastly, participants will create a blueprint for developing an FPR member station or similar platform for their schools or classrooms.