Workshop Options for Saturday, January 19th

  1. Sustainable Cities (SDG 11). About 10,000 years ago and aided by agriculture, hunter-gatherers moved to semi-permanent villages and never looked back! With further developments came food surpluses, leading to commerce, specialization and the modern city. From futurist dreams of whole new cities that integrate the best of science & technology, while helping improve society, can we bring the first self-sustaining cities of tomorrow here today? And does humanity have the capacity to commit to leaving the Earth for our descendants in a better state than when we found it? Dulwich College Suzhou. Room H503

  2. Our Planet, Our Possibilities (SDG 13): This workshop is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the issue of climate change and the effects it will have not only globally but individually. We will do various activities to introduce ideas about who climate change affects the most and how to be proactive in stopping it, followed by discussions where students can share their own opinions and ideas. Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. Room H505

  3. Marriage is not ALWAYS a choice (SDG 5): For most, marriage is the union of two people and the lifelong promise of love and commitment. For some, marriage is the union of families and firms. For even fewer people, marriage is a transaction, in exchange for valuable assets. Assets like cattle for instance. In this workshop be ready to discuss what marriage means to you and other cultures all over the world. In a world with no limitations or boundaries what would you do to solve this problem? Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. Room H506

  4. The Not So Fake Simulation (SDG 5): In this workshop we will be running a Game of Life that will explore gender inequality in developing nations. Come and experience the life of the average male and female in the developing world to make yourself a more informed global citizen. Concordia International School Shanghai. Room H416.

  5. Education, a Right or Privilege? (SDG4): This workshop is meant to raise awareness about the lack of education worldwide for young children, especially girls. Through statistics data collected in the last four years, this workshop will explore how education, although it has been declared a universal right, still functions as a privilege. Concordia International School Shanghai. Room H417

  6. Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3): Health issues are connected to two charity projects at our school. In this workshop, we will also explore mental health issues for teenagers in China. Dulwich International High School Suzhou. Room H504

  7. A conversation with Dr. Paula Kahumbu. Each school will be given two tickets. These will allow two students from each team to participate in a special small-group session with our keynote speaker, the leading voice for elephant conservation in East Africa. Room H429

Workshop Guidelines:

Schools that participate in GINShanghai2019 will create a 60-minute interactive workshop about a Global Goal/Sustainable Development Goal ( To create a successful workshop, teams should consider the following:

1) Choose an SDG that your team is interested in or that you’ve had experience with in terms of a GIN project

2) Learn about your SDG. What are the most important things to know about this SDG and how can you teach your peers about these ideas?

3) Plan an engaging workshop. Yes, you may want to present some information to your peers, but the bulk of your workshop should be interactive and involve moving around. A simulation, game, kinesthetic activity, debate, role play: these can all be ways in which you engage your peers while teaching at the same time.

4) Think about take-aways: what do you want your participants to know or remember at the end of your workshop? How can you help that process? Is there a card or bookmark you want to hand out? Do you want to capture the information of your participations (email, Wechat) so you can communicate more ideas later? Think about lasting impact here.

5) Please inform us if you need anything special in terms of set-up for your workshop. Each room will be equipped with a Seewo TV monitor and sound system as well as typical classroom supplies. If you need anything specific, beyond these things, send us an email and let us know.