School Workshops

Workshop Guidelines for GINAsia 2018: 

Student workshops will be 45 minutes long at this year's conference. There will be 2 slots allocated in the conference program for these workshops and your school's workshop will be placed in one of those 2 slots. 

To help your team prepare an AMAZING workshop for GINAsia 2018, please consider the following guidelines: 

* Focus should be on a global issue OR a school project/campaign OR something related to sustainable development.

* Workshops should include an interactive component: simulation, game, activity (something active where people are moving). Ex: Make a game with blocks on the ground to take up the whole room and use a big die; Ex: create a water walk with actual big jugs and rope and water if you're educating participants about access to clean water. 

* Workshops should be informative: students should learn something valuable.

* Workshops should pass on important tips and info: if your school project was awesome, teach us how to replicate it.

* Workshops should be fun.

* Workshops should allow everyone, in some way, to speak and be heard.

* Workshops could include a handout or some sort of take-away so people can reflect or capture their learning.

* Workshops could include digital resources so students could use those later.

* Workshops should be led, ideally, by your team of 8 or by specific students allocated to this task. You decide, based on the make-up of your team.