Form I (pre-registration)

All schools wishing to participate in CISSMUN XI should complete the following pre-registration form and submit it to the CISSMUN Secretariat. Please make sure that all data fields have been filled before clicking the submit button. We do not expect at this time that schools will know their exact numbers; an estimate will suffice. Please encourage interested students to apply separately for positions as Student Officers, ICJ Judges and Advocates or members of the CISSMUN Vigil press team.

All submitted forms must include the school name, and the name and valid email address of the MUN Advisor. Once your form is received, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. The deadline for submission is September 15th or when the conference reaches capacity, whichever occurs first.

*Please be aware that although CISSMUN does its best to honor all requests, certain delegations are in high demand, and not all schools will get their first choice of countries.

Kindly click ‘submit’ once and allow time for submission of the form.