General Conference Information

Q.    When does CISSMUN take place?
Ans. CISSMUN takes place from Friday to Sunday on the 3rd weekend in January. The specific dates of CISSMUN X are January 18-20, 2019.

Q.     Where is the conference held?
Ans. CISSMUN is held on the campus of Concordia International School Shanghai.

Q.     Who can attend CISSMUN?
Ans. CISSMUN is a conference for students in grades 9-12 or the British equivalent. Students must attend as part of a teacher-led delegation from their school.

Q.     What is the language of the conference?
Ans. All committees are conducted in English.

Q.     How many students attend CISSMUN?
Ans. This year’s conference will have about 1200 student participants from about 60 schools.

Q.     What schools participate in CISSMUN?
Ans. The participants are drawn mostly from English-speaking international schools. Roughly one quarter of participating schools are from Shanghai itself, with many others from elsewhere in China. In recent years, more than half of participating schools for CISSMUN have come from from other countries, including the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Iran, Sweden, Myanmar, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Ecuador, India, the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Q.    Does the conference have a website?
Ans. Yes. You are on it.

Q.    What is the theme of the CISSMUN conference?

Ans. The theme changes annually. Last year’s theme was A Place to Stand. This year’s theme is The Cause of Freedom.

Q.    What are the committees and topics for CISSMUN X?
Ans. The committees and topics for the conference can be found on the CISSMUN website under the CISSMUN X tab.


Registration Details

Q.     How do schools register to take part?
Ans. Registration forms are found on-and submitted from-the CISSMUN website.

Q.     When does registration open and close?

Ans. Registration begins in mid-April and closes in mid-September (or whenever the conference reaches capacity). This year, we anticipate that the conference will reach capacity in mid-August, if not sooner.

Q.     How many students per school can participate in CISSMUN?
Ans. Schools may request seats for up to 14 delegates, but may receive fewer than requested. Students from participating schools can also apply for positions as committee chairs, or they may seek appointment to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court or CISSMUN Vigil press team. (Students in these positions do not count toward the 14 delegate maximum).

Q.     Can students from participating schools apply for leadership positions?
Ans. The positions of Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and Conference Manager are always held by Concordia students, as are other leadership positions within the Secretariat and Administrative Staff. All other positions are competitive, with applications found on the website.

Q.     What is the registration fee per person?
Ans. The fee is RMB 650.00 or USD 100.00 per person, whether that person is student, MUN Director, chaperone or anything else.

Q.     Is there a deposit required when registering for CISSMUN?
Ans. First-time attendees are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of RMB 3000.00 (USD 500.00) in order to confirm their intention to participate. For all other schools, fees are paid in one lump sum, on or before the due date of 15 December.

Q.     Can delegate registration fees be paid in cash upon arrival?
Ans. No. All fees must be paid by bank transfer or certified check no later than 30 November. Shanghai-area schools that wish to pay cash via courier may do so, but the deadline is the same.

Q.     Will CISSMUN issue Chinese tax fapiao to schools that request it?
Ans. No. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide fapiao for either registration fees or airport transfers.

Q.     What if a school’s roster changes after Form II is due?
Ans. It depends on how it changes. Each school’s invoice will be generated based on the numbers they list by October 30th on Form II, and December 1st is the last day on which refunds can still be given for students who cancel. After December 1st, full registration fees are due regardless of whether a school or individual participant actually attends.

On the other hand, substitutions of one student for another, or the shuffling of students between countries and committees that doesn’t reduce total numbers, can be done up until early January. Before December 15th, this can be done on the Form II itself; changes beyond this date must be reported to the CISSMUN Administrative Staff via email. Finally, schools that add students after invoices have been issued will settle the difference in cash at the conference itself.


Travel, Accommodation and Sightseeing

Q.      Does CISSMUN recommend a specific hotel for participating schools?
Ans. We recommend the Grand Metropark Jiayou, the Diamond Court Residence or Ramada Plaza Pudong. Details and room rates can be found under the Accommodation tab on the CISSMUN website. All three hotels are within walking distance of the Concordia campus.

Q.     What is the neighborhood like around the hotels?
Ans. The Grand Metropark, the Diamond Court Residence and Ramada Plaza Pudong are located in Jinqiao, the same suburb as the Concordia campus. The immediate surroundings are very green and pretty quiet. Within 15 minute’s walk there are dozens of restaurants and places to shop. It’s a safe and convenient expatriate enclave, but a little dull and fairly expensive.

Q.     Are the hotels within walking distance of the subway?
Ans. There is a subway station within 15 minute’s walk of the hotels listed above.

Q.     Does CISSMUN offer home stays to visiting students?
Ans. Although we have offered homestays at past conferences, we will be unable to do so at CISSMUN X. We hope to offer them again at CISSMUN XI in 2020.

Q.     Are visas required for visitors to China?
Ans. Visas are required for almost all countries. Requirements may vary by nationality, so please clarify the requirements for your students at the earliest possible date.

Q.     Can Concordia issue a letter of invitation to help us expedite the visa application process?
Ans. Yes. details regarding this process will be provided in the September mailing sent out to all pre-registered schools.

Q.     Will CISSMUN arrange airport transfers and daily transportation for participating schools?

Ans. CISSMUN will arrange airport transfers for every school that requests it. That request should be made via the Arrival and Departure form found on-and submittable from-the CISSMUN website. The cost of airport or train station transfers is RMB 950.00 (USD 150.00) per school (each way). With a large contingent this is a good deal. For smaller groups, not so much.

The Jinqiao hotels (see above) are within walking distance of the Concordia campus, so CISSMUN will not provide daily transportation. For schools that wish to stay in other parts of the city, CISSMUN will provide morning and evening buses from the nearest subway station to the Concordia campus.

Q.     Does the CISSMUN conference offer sightseeing tours to visiting schools?
Ans. Participating schools are responsible for making their own sightseeing arrangements, but the website offers a link to a reputable tour operator who has worked with CISSMUN in the past.

Q.     Is Shanghai Disney open yet?
Ans. Yes. And it is the Happiest Place on Earth.


Conference Preparation and Participation

Q.     Does CISSMUN use the THIMUN rules of procedure?
Ans. Yes. CISSMUN was accredited as a THIMUN affiliate in 2012, and all debate is run according to THIMUN protocol.

Q.     Does CISSMUN publish any literature on delegate preparation and/or topic research?
Ans. For basic guidelines on resolution writing and the rules of formal debate, we strongly recommend a document called “The THIMUN Guide to Delegate Preparation,” downloadable from the THIMUN website (www.thimun.org). 

Q.     Do all delegates in all committees give opening speeches?
Ans. Yes. Opening speeches will be delivered in all committees, and have a maximum duration of one minute.

Q.     Do visiting schools need to appoint ambassadors for each national delegation?
Ans. No. The sub-committees of the General Assembly do not meet in plenary session, and there is therefore no need for ambassadors.

Q.     May two students work together to represent one country?
Ans. Each country in the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is represented by two delegates. In all other committees, each country is represented by a single delegate.

Q.     Are meals provided at the conference?
Ans. Lunch is provided on each day of the conference, and dinner is provided on the first night. The Grand Metropark, Diamond Court and Ramada Plaza Pudong include breakfast as part of the room rate, as do most other the hotels in Jinqiao.

Q.     Are there vegetarian/kosher/halal/vegan dining options?
Ans. There will be a vegetarian option at every meal (and a salad bar), and the snacks offered during break times are largely meatless. No pork fat is used in the preparation of the vegetarian meals. Students with more exotic dietary requirements should plan to pack something.

Q.     Is there medical staff on hand during the conference?
Ans. At least two of Concordia’s school nurses will be on duty at all times during the conference.

Q.     Do MUN Directors and chaperones need to be on campus at all times during the conference?
Ans. As a conference policy, we require that at least one responsible adult from each school remain on campus during the conference. The only exception to this rule is for CISSMUN-sponsored sightseeing excursions that have been arranged for MUN Advisors and other adult chaperones.

Q.     Are evening activities provided for visiting delegates?

Ans. There is a dinner for all delegates as the culminating activity on Friday night. Apart from this, we recommend that individual schools use their free time to explore all the sights that our beautiful city has to offer.