Conference Fee

The registration fee for CISSMUN X is RMB 650 or USD $100.00 per student participant or adult director/chaperone. This fee will cover meals on all three days, coffee breaks, conference souvenirs and various printing and administrative costs.

The fee for bus transfers on arrival and/or departure is RMB 950.00 or USD $150.00 per school (each way). These can be requested via the Arrival/Departure form found elsewhere on this website.

First-time attendees are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of RMB 3000.00 (USD 500.00) in order to confirm their pre-registration. That deposit should be paid as soon as possible after submitting the pre-registration form from the CISSMUN website, and no later than September 15th.  Payment details are below. This deposit will be applied to the school’s registration fees. In the event that the deposit exceeds the final invoiced amount for registration fees, CISSMUN will refund the difference at the conference itself.

Final costs will be calculated based upon the number of students indicated on the final registration form, which is due no later than 30 October. After that form is submitted, each school will receive a final invoice that should be settled by December 15.

December 1st is the last day on which refunds can still be given for students who cancel. After December 1st, full registration fees are due regardless of whether a school or individual participant actually attends.

It is requested that participating schools pay via bank transfer, information as follows:

For domestic RMB transfers:

Account Name(户名):上海协和国际外籍人员子女学校
Account No. (帐号):310066111018170251820
Bank (银行):交通银行上海新区支行

For international US dollar transfers:

 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Jin Qiao Sub-branch
No. 509 Jingang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206
Credit to: Concordia International School Shanghai
Account: 31401441358808962

Please note that visiting schools are responsible for all bank transfer fees.

All domestic and international transfers should state “your school name, CISSMUN” on the remittance to insure that payment is credited to the proper account.

Shanghai area schools wishing to pay cash via courier may do so, but the deadlines remain the same.