Committees And Topics

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General Assembly First Committee             

Anticipating, monitoring and disrupting international travel undertaken by terrorists.

Addressing the role of the global arms trade in fueling and sustaining armed conflict in the developing world.

Eradication of landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war.

Forestalling the reconstitution and spread of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


General Assembly Third Committee            

Establishing measures to promote the wellbeing of orphans and abandoned children in zones of conflict.

The question of refugee and migrant assimilation in the Americas.

Combating the recruitment and conversion of youth to religious extremism and terrorism.

Promoting worldwide collaboration and unity within the field of space exploration.


General Assembly Fourth Committee           

Addressing the rise of nationalism in Europe.

Protecting the interests of the peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

The question of politically motivated violence in West Africa.

Preventing foreign manipulation of domestic political processes.


General Assembly Sixth Committee       

Promoting the legal right to free speech and defining the limits of the rights of government to engage in online censorship and surveillance.

Reconciling traditional legal codes, including shari’a law, with statutory law and civil rights.

Addressing the legality and authenticity of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Defining the scope and application of the United Nations’ jurisdiction.


Disarmament Commission

Monitoring the conduct and insuring the accountability of mercenaries and private security companies operating in the Middle East.

Implementing measures to eradicate the illegal weapons trade in Latin America.

Eliminating the use of chemical and biological agents in wartime.

Reducing tension on the Korean Peninsula.


Environmental Commission

Combating indifference, ignorance and deliberate campaigns of misinformation regarding the consequences of global climate change.

Measures to prevent ocean acidification and melting of polar ice.

Improving and effectively tackling the issue of desertification due to human exploitation.

Reducing the environmental impact of public ground transport in metropolitan areas.


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Addressing the potential for economic, social and political upheaval relating to China’s One Belt One Road project.

Preventing fraudulent lending practices by international banking institutions.

Reforming policies to ensure sustainable economic and social growth within the countries of the Arab League.

Restructuring, reinvigorating and otherwise reforming the Venezuelan economy to control inflation and enable sustainable economic growth.

Promoting the use of genetically modified crops to increase food security.


Security Council

The Situation in Libya.

The Situation in Myanmar.

The Situation in Yemen.

The Situation in Syria.

Reforming the UN Peacekeeping system to ensure the security of civilians.


UN Commission on the Status of Women

Expanding access of women in LDCs to birth control and other forms of family planning.

Promoting socioeconomic gender equity in LEDCs.

Furthering accessibility to primary and secondary education to women in West Africa.

Addressing the issue of sexual harassment in workplaces.


Human Rights Commission

Ending the conflict in Syria.

Eliminating the practice of sex tourism in all its forms, and strengthening enforcement of laws against soliciting sex from juveniles.

Ending the practice of organ trafficking and protecting the victims thereof.

Combating the issue of child labor and children’s rights protection in developing countries.


Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Combating acts of violence perpetrated by Latin American drug cartels and gangs.

Strengthening the role of the International Criminal Court in international law and jurisdiction.

Effective measures to protect the rights of smuggled migrants.

Improving international cooperation to prevent and address corruption by governing officials.


UN Peace-Building Commission

Ending the conflict in Yemen.

Working to repatriate Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, while promoting their well-being and protecting them from further violence.

Facilitating postwar development and ensuring civilian safety in Liberia.

Resolving the conflict between the Central African Republic government and the Seleka.


Special Conference on Authoritarian Trends in Global Governance

Protecting the right of journalists to speak, write and broadcast without fear of retribution.

Defending the rights of Turkish citizens incarcerated or denied employment for their political views.

Stabilizing and rebuilding the Zimbabwean government.

Resolving the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine regarding the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.


International Court of Justice

Contentious Case: The Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem (United States vs. Palestine).

Advisory Opinion: Advisory Opinion on the legality of the use of unmanned drones by the United States and its NATO allies to target belligerents and suspected terrorists.


International Criminal Court

The Prosecutor vs. Simon Bikindi

The Prosecutor vs. Drazen Erdemovic

The Prosecutor vs. Friedrich Flick